Young Adults

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Our Young Adult (YA) group exists to provide young adults a community to grow in faith, grow in their understanding of the Word of God, and grow together as a group of people who are crazy about Jesus. At YA we are all about replication and discipleship. We want you to love God, develop a deep understanding of his Word, learn how to live as a believer in the world, and then take others along with you.

Each week our meeting is composed of four parts.
We worship. We begin in a time of worship together, where truth about God is declared and God is worshipped for who He is.  

We look back. Looking back is our time of connection and accountability.  Connection to one another is needed and we give time both before, during, and after our meeting for this.  In addition to connection we encourage accountability.  This word is meant in the most positive sense and is a time of encouragement and not guilt based in any way.  As we learn to live in this world as disciples, we want to check-in weekly to hear the challenges,  pray for the struggles, and celebrate the victories of walking as a disciple of Christ in this world.

We look up. Looking up is our time in the Word.  Each week we teach, train, read, and discuss the Word of God.  We believe that the Scriptures are the source of absolute truth, therefore, we diligently search out what God has revealed to us through the written Word.   At YA we want you to learn to read, delight in, and interpret the Bible for yourself and be able to teach the truth of the gospel of Christ to those in your life.  Being a replicating believer is built into each weekly meeting and is why we have a time of looking forward.  See below.

We look forward. Looking forward is our time to apply the Word.  Each week we seek to take what we learned home with us, to apply it to our lives and to share the gospel of Christ with whoever God would put us in a position to share with.  We believe that making a plan and verbalizing our takeaways only help us to better apply it in our lives.

YA is for those who have graduated high school and includes those in college and career. YA meets on Monday nights at the church. Doors open @ 6:45pm and we get started at 7:30pm most nights.

Pastor Adam Barngraff-Pastor of Family and Community Life

Join us for church on Sundays at 9am or 11am

9:00am Service

This is our larger service with the most attendance and full children's programs.

11am Service

This is a much smaller service with a smaller children's program.

Get plugged in by serving

Get Connected. Build community.

One of the best ways to get connected is to serve in one of the ministries at Parkway.  We have young adults who serve as greeters, Sunday School teachers, nursery caregivers, tutoring center helpers, sound booth techs, and much more.  Check out our connect page, and go to the bottom to volunteer. 

Want to get connected? Contact Pastor Adam Barngraff

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