Adult education

At Parkway Community Church we desire to nurture a culture of learning in community with others where participants can learn from gifted teachers while also connecting with others in the church.

Bibliology: The doctrine of god's word

Instructor:  Dennis Opolentisima

Course Description: Is the Bible really God's Word? Are there errors in the Word of God? Is it all that a Christian needs in order to live a life of godliness? Why are there only 66 books in the Bible? These are questions that are pertinent to the believer. This course is designed to help Christians grow in their confidence of God's Word. We live in a postmodern/postChristian world. There are many competing ideas and worldviews both within and without the church that seek to undermine the authority and sufficiency of Scripture. This course is intended to help Christians stand on the Word of God not being tossed to and fro by the ever increasing attacks on the Bible's reliability. The following weeks will be covering the Authority, Inerrancy, the Sufficiency, and Canonicity of the Bible. 

Time/Place: The course runs four consecutive Sundays beginning April 30th at 11am in the Coffee Room at Parkway.

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