Update on church reopening-personal message from Parkway leadership

May 22, 2020

Dear Parkway Family.

In light of recent developments with regard to churches going back to in-person worship, we

wanted to share with you our direction for the future. By now, many will have heard (or seen)

the president’s strong directives about reopening houses of worship in our country. Others

know, that as of now, this liberty is not permitted by our state or county authorities.1 In this

time of ambiguity and confusion, we as a leadership are resolved to rise above the political

undercurrents of these variances and do our best to keep love for God and neighbor at the

center. We are agreed that until County of Solano guidelines are issued, under guidance by the

state, along with our ability to meet those guidelines, we will continue online services. We do

not anticipate this to be long.

Moreover, we believe that it is important to be extremely gracious, patient and non-judgmental

as Christians (and churches) will respond variously to the situation. At some point in the near

future, we will all be proclaiming the glories of Christ and singing his praise together as one

body. But let’s get there graciously and patiently.

As things are currently progressing, we are not quite ready to put a date on the calendar for

Parkway Community Church’s reopening for worship. There are many reasons for this, but the

primary one is that we still do not have the final safety protocols from county authorities for

worship gatherings. We are confident, however, that the date is just weeks away. Our desire is

to be fully equipped to regather in the safest possible way for all of our people. Our heart has

always been to be back together. But we want to do so wisely and carefully.

Finally, we would ask that you pray for the leadership of Parkway and our church family. Pray

for wisdom. Pray for courage. Pray for strength. And pray for our governing authorities.

We love you all, and look forward to this time of distancing to be over soon.

Parkway Leadership

May 24, 2020 Online Service


Pastor Dan Deckard

"Swallowed up by Life"

2 Corinthians 5:1-10

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